Tommy Mallen

Tommy Mallen

Tommy Mallen.

I help creators monetise audiences.

From profitable side-hustles to millions in revenue, I help creators efficiently create, effectively launch and authentically sell their online products, courses and services. And you can instantly make me a part of your team.

Want to work with me?

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Tommy 👋 Over the last two years I’ve pivoted from a corporate legal career to the creator economy, where I now work as the Head of Product and Sales for 3.8 million subscriber YouTuber Ali Abdaal.

During the last 12 months as the Head of Ali’s Part-Time YouTuber Academy, a high-ticket cohort-based course, we’ve generated over $3.7 million dollars in revenue, and added over 2,000 students to a thousands-strong, thriving community of creators.

So why should you work with me?

I get results like this:


Not convinced? How about this:


I’ve also worked with creators like Hamza on launches that have generated more than $100,000 in 24 hours…


It’s simple. I’ll help you to:


Create Efficiently

Building an audience is a tough battle in and of itself, but it gets harder when you’re trying to figure out what they might want to go the extra mile and pay you for. I’ll help you find the products that will make your audience kick down your door with their wallets in hand.


Launch Effectively

You’ll celebrate launch day, with huge conversion from the audience you’ve nurtured along the way. They’ll shout your praises from the rooftops and you’ll be poised to capitalise on the buzz your launch creates around your brand.

You’ll have a well-written sales page which gets your audience fired up to buy from you and which showcases all of your hard work authentically and with enthusiasm.

You’ll have the systems in place to onboard every student efficiently and without any friction, so that every one of your students knows immediately that their money was well-spent.


Sell Authentically

You’ll learn how to build a powerful funnel without sounding sales-ey, and use email sequences, segmentation, webinars, and more to nurture a super-engaged audience to the point of sale.

You’ll confidently pitch your course to your audience regularly, comfortable that you know how to sell in a way that’s true to you, which doesn’t alienate your audience.

You’ll know how to stand out from the competition, and how to increase your brand equity over the lifetime of your course through case studies, testimonials and more.

“Tommy’s input on our Academy has been a huge factor in our revenue quadrupling during our most recent launch. He’s got a unique ability to incorporate the best launch, sales and copy strategies while still protecting my brand voice and authenticity. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough”

Ali Abdaal YouTuber, Author and Entrepreneur